A single moment was all it took to tear eighteen-year-old Ben’s world apart, but a second chance could put it all back together…

Twelve years after losing his first and only love in a devastating accident, Kat emerges from the shadows of the Witness Protection Program. But the men that hunted her family are still searching. The last thing she wants to do is put her high-school sweetheart in danger, but he’s the only person she trusts with her life.

Private-security specialist, Ben is shocked when his evening appointment is a ghost from the past. He knows he can’t refuse Kat, but when it’s over he’ll have to let her go; because she deserves better than the hardened man he’s become.

When numerous lives are at stake, will Kat survive, or will Ben once again have to bury the only woman he’s ever loved? [Amazon]

A well-written suspenseful, action-packed romance. Time in the military hadn’t given them many opportunities for long-term relationships. But now that they’ve retired, they’re slowly getting married off. “Many times, he’d debated the adage—was it better to have loved and lost or to never have loved at all? It was an argument he’d never settled in his mind.”

Boomer wasn’t interested in a long-term relationship. He was perfectly happy being a Dom and playing with different subs. He had a late-night appointment, then he’d go play at the club. When he walked into the office and saw her, he fainted. When he came to, he was frantically looking for her, a ghost from his past.

“Kate had known Benny was going to be shocked when he first saw her, but she hadn’t expected him to pass out.” She was in trouble, and he was the only one left she trusted. She was being followed, and her condo was broken into and trashed. “She felt so drained after telling the two men about the horror story which her life had become, and she couldn’t find any more words to say to Benny.”

Release Date: September 5, 2015

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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