Getting involved with your brothers’ friend and employee is never a good idea…

After relinquishing control to Jake Donovan for one night, Nick Sawyer wants more. Nick’s past as a Navy SEAL has made him a take charge kind of guy in every relationship he’s ever had, but now he finds himself craving to submit to Jake again.

The problem is Jake’s determined that will never happen. Thrown together to help a girl in danger, Nick starts breaking through Jake’s defenses.

When things go awry, can Jake confront the ghosts of his past before they steal his future? [Amazon]

“A man in love would do anything to see his significant other happy.” A couple of years ago, Jake had helped a teenager get away from her abusive father. Now she’s in trouble again and he drops everything to go get her. Nick offers to help and Jake accepts. A well-written m/m romance with action and suspense.

Nick was on leave for his brothers wedding. Seeing Jake again brought back some memories he wasn’t prepared for. “Nick had always been the alpha in every relationship he’d had since he joined the Navy at eighteen, but Jake had him yearning to submit in every way.” “What was holding him back were the facts that he didn’t quite understand the draw to the lifestyle, and he also hadn’t come out to his family yet.”

Jake was the groom’s teammate and fellow Dom. Jake scanned the faces at the airport waiting for Nick, this was the last place he wanted to be. “Ian had sent him to the airport to pick up his brother, Nick, and bring him back to the Trident Security compound.” He had told the kid, that what they had was a one-night-stand, nothing more. Now if he could start believing that things would go much smoother.

Release Date: November 20, 2015

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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