She blew into town like a tornado
Stirring up everything I wanted to stay the same.

Helen drives me nuts
Infuriating, icy, sexy.
I can’t go a day without running into her.

One kiss burns too hot to ignore.
Now I hate to leave her bed.
It feels like more than a one-night stand.
I want it all, all of her.

Just when it’s perfect,
She ghosts me.
Something’s wrong, and she won’t say.

I thought she was running scared
But she turned up with a box of donuts
A secret I wasn’t expecting to hear.
It could tear us apart,
Or make sure we last forever. [Amazon]

My Review:

I had never really been the boyfriend type. I figured that I was only ever going to be a boyfriend once. Then I’d be a husband once. I’d find my partner and that would be that. I knew I tended to be a little aloof, a little cold to men in general, especially ones I didn’t know already and respect. But I was trying to change that. There seemed to be an immediate attraction between us. But I wasn’t planning on staying.

Everett was looking for someone to be his assistant and on-site manager. He was part owner of a logging company along with his best friends, Carter and Deacon. Having lunch at Dina’s Diner was a tradition for our company. Today though, there was someone new. A beautiful someone who had a lot of tattoos. I couldn’t stop staring at her.

Helen had received a call from her parents. Her dad was sick and they wanted her to come home. They needed me to run Dina’s Diner, her mom’s Diner. Her sister had messed things up. It seemed though she still had some loyal customers. There were these three mountain men who came in regularly. Everett was his name. He was cool and smooth, a little dangerous, and sexy as hell.

Release Date: March 25, 2022

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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