My review of My Cowboy Temptation by Liv Wilder

Here is my review of My Cowboy Temptation by Liv Wilder.


She’s my best friend’s daughter. A woman I can never call mine. Until a surprise pregnancy changes everything…


Callie Callie is every man’s fantasy with her silky black hair, mischievous smile, and the sweet curves of a temptress.

But she’s also completely off-limits.

Because Callie is my best friend’s daughter, someone I shouldn’t want. Someone I definitely can’t want… or have.

Only with danger surrounding her and Callie determined to throw herself in its—and my—path, I’m fighting a losing battle.

Who knew losing could feel so good?


Brody Dalton is six feet and four inches of muscled cowboy with the ability to melt my panties with a single glance.

He’s also my dad’s best friend, a fact of that he’s constantly reminding me.

But this time, I’m not taking no for an answer.

Until the appearance of two little pink lines changes everything… [Amazon]

My Review:

An older man and younger woman romance with a little action and suspense. “He is everything I always thought a cowboy should be. Massively strong, whip-smart, commanding, and respected.” “She is too young, too naive, too immature, and too off-limits for a man who’d come of drinking age by the time she was born.”

Callie is an inspiring artist. Her dream was to work with the London-based artist, Theodore De Longer. But now that she’s seen Brody again, her dreams have changed. “Brody Dalton belongs to me as much as I belong to him. Even if he doesn’t yet know it.”

Brody works as the manager on Callie’s dad’s ranch. He has since Callie was a baby. “Something about the girl has always kicked up my protective instincts, but always in a paternalistic way—until she was seventeen years old and kissed me that night in the barn.” Now she’s back in town and stirring up old feelings. “This is Callie. Your best friend’s daughter. A woman completely off-limits.”

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Release Date: September 8, 2022

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