My review of The Billionaire Bachelor by Ali Parker

Here is my review of The Billionaire Bachelor by Ali Parker.


The ugly duckling from high school is all grown up, and she’s fiery hot now.

She’s also the CEO of the company I’m trying to work for, and the only thing that stands between me and the next level of my career.

Fortunately for me, most women fall at my feet.

But this ice-hearted beauty from my past?

She has me working my ass off to prove that I’m the right model for the GQ cover.

You’ve got to be kidding me.

This bone structure doesn’t get told no. Not in the boardroom and certainly not in the bedroom.

She can play hard to get all she wants.

She’s just delaying the inevitable.

Because I get what I want and I always have. She’s no exception.

I’m about to steal the front page of her magazine.

Then her panties. And lastly?

Her heart. [Amazon]

My Review:

This is a good second-chance romance. An ugly duckling likes the popular boy. A high school prank gone wrong. Year’s later a chance encounter. “Quality Gentlemen Magazine is looking for a new billion-dollar man to be their face for the next five years.”

Shawn has always got what he wanted, until now. All of his friends are getting married and had successful businesses. “They were actual billionaires who were changing the world while I was putting on pretty clothes—and underwear—and smiling for a camera for a living.” Now he had a chance to change his life, and prove he could be just as successful as his friends. Until he met the CEO of QG. His old high school crush, Ana.

Ana is the CEO of QG Magazine. Since she has taken over since her father retired, things have been strained with the employees. They feel she was given the position because she was his only child. Ana hopes this competition will prove she deserves this position. “She was more than happy with everything she was seeing until the last contestant was announced.” Shawn was the freshman that ruined her life in high school.

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Release Date: December 2, 2022

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