My review of Secret Billionaire Firefighter by Addison Rowe

Here is my review of Secret Billionaire Firefighter by Addison Rowe. She is a new author for me.


He’s a sizzling hot firefighter, single dad, and wealthy as sin.
And he’s got one seriously out-of-control dog.

What more could a dog-grooming girl like me ask for?

I never imagined the blazing hot man of my dreams would be my next client, and now I’m fumbling to remember my name.

The fact that he’s a bit older? Icing on the cake.

Our first date turns out amazing. Hotter than an inferno. He takes me places I swear I’d never been before.

And I can’t wait to go there again.

But three little words douse those flames in an instant, setting off all those alarm bells in my head. Sure, I might have it all wrong… but what if I don’t?

Did my perfect fantasy just turn into every girl’s nightmare?

There’s only one way to find out. [Amazon]

My Review:

This was a good contemporary romance. It was well written with relatable characters who had chemistry from the start.

Mark is a firefighter. He is content with his life but everyone around him thinks he should start dating again. He hasn’t dated in years. He’s not ready to move on. That is until I met Allie. “I stare at the girl and a part of my heart I thought was dead starts drumming back to life.”

Allie owns a dog grooming shop. She would rather spend her day with dogs than most humans. “Dogs are loyal and kind. They don’t cheat and are always thrilled to see you.” “I don’t have time to play games or get involved with anyone. Even if I did think the guy was cute”.

My Rating:

Release Date: January 6, 2023

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