Review of High Bar by Ivy Nelson

Here is my review of High Bar by Ivy Nelson. Not suited for young audiences.


Five years ago, my life changed forever.

I spent two nights with a stunning woman I’ll never forget, but I pushed her away because a relationship was impossible.
Then I came to Vegas with the second-born sons of three rival crime families with the goal of making it a neutral ground for our families.
So far, it’s worked.
We’ve prevented an all-out mafia war.
The problem?
Skylar is back and I still want her.
She’s a distraction I don’t need, but she’s about to learn that being mine isn’t easy.
I’ll test her, push her, and show her how high the bar is for pleasing me.
But if she says yes, I’m never letting her go again.

Even if that means war. [Amazon]

My Review:

This is a dark mafia romance. It is full of suspense and mystery. This is the first book in a new series called Sin City Suits. It’s focused on four sons of major crime families who have come together to build a BDSM club in Las Vegas called the High Card.

Skylar was an up-and-coming pop star. Then something happened and she’s been living in seclusion for the last two years and nobody knows why. Now she’s back in Las Vegas and wants her life back.

Matteo is the son of Ernesto Trentini, a mob boss. He and several others broke away from their crime families or so they thought. Matteo is a bartender and enjoys it. He has a legitimate job that covers up the underground BDSM club that he and his friends operate.

My Rating:

Release Date: June 30, 2022

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