Review of Breaking My Billionaire Bully by M.E. McAndrews

Here is my review of Breaking My Billionaire Bully by M.E. McAndrews.


He has more than billions. Jamie Albrecht has a sinister past and a skeleton in his closet.
And he doesn’t even know it.

Eden’s Playhouse is the hottest gentleman’s club in town, and it’s bleeding cash.
When Jamie takes a mysterious stranger under his wing, life can’t get any better.

Until he discovers she’s more than just a pretty face.

She knows the lie that lurks in his past. Will she expose him for who he really is, or will she give him a second chance?

Or will she serve up her own special form of justice?

She fits right in with the other sexy girls, so he never suspects. While he’s falling in love with her, she’s plotting to take him down.

The wrath of hell has a name, and its name is Lara.

And she has a secret of her own. [Amazon]

My Review:

This is the first time reading this author, and won’t be the last. OMG, my emotions were all over the place. This is a dark romance that could cause emotional triggers to some. It is hot, steamy, and tense enough to keep you drawn in.

Lara was always the ugly duckling growing up. After quitting her job, she feels she has no choice but to apply to a strip club. As she enters the club, a guy from behind the bar starts throwing questions at her. As he approaches her, a knot forms in her throat. “I’m numb, frozen. As I stare into a pair of familiar dark eyes, the only words my brain can summon are, No freaking way”.

Jamie was a rich entitled jock growing up. Now he owns a gentleman’s club. As the front door slams open, he hears a voice say she’s here for the server job. “Her voice is quiet and wispy. She’s dressed like a forty-year-old librarian”. Has she ever been in a strip club? I shouldn’t offer her the job but I’m desperate. It’s just serving drinks, simple right?

My Rating:

Release Date: January 31, 2023

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