Here is my review of Betrayed Wolf by Jean Stokes.


It was supposed to be a clean slate. A fresh beginning without secrets. Instead it becomes a fight for survival…

Rose and Owen wanted to start over. Their love grows stronger, but dark secrets and an inescapable past threaten to derail their efforts. Will her late grandmother’s house, Rose soon discovers a deeper mystery that will threaten them all.

Owen is the exact opposite of his girlfriend. Shy and grumpy, all he wants is to run his seafood market. Greed and deceit stand in his way and, if left unchecked, will ruin his business and worse. Willing to do anything to save all he knows and loves, Owen enters a shadowy world that shouldn’t exist.

Standing in their way is the menacing Elijah. Enigmatic and ruthless, he wants what Own and Rose have and will stop at nothing to ensure it becomes his. Even if that means doing the unthinkable.

It’s all or nothing for these young lovers but even that might not be enough. For evil ever seeks to ruin the lives of all involved… [Amazon]

Here is my review:

A steamy shifter romance with just the right amount of spice. “It was supposed to be a clean slate. A fresh beginning without secrets. Instead it becomes a fight for survival”. They are both keeping secrets that could ruin their future together.

Rose is still having nightmares. She has lost another job. Her landlord want’s the rent. Then a delivery changes her life forever, or has it? So it looks like I’m going to Dove Valley. She would leave in the morning. After the accident, she woke up in the hospital with no memory. Now they want her to stay with a stranger. What has happened to my life?

Owen is shy and grumpy and just wants to fish. He is the youngest of eight children, being the only boy. “Owen loved his family a lot but preferred the quietness of his own space”. He headed to the lake knowing it was going to be a good day for fishing. “Owen almost toppled out of the boat as he saw a lot of dead fish rise to the surface of the lake”. WTH is going on?

My Rating:

Release Date: February 14, 2023

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