Hi. I’m honored that you are considering me to review your novel! I only respond to requests I’m interested in, since I cannot accept all review requests. I respect authors and readers, my reviews are my unbiased and honest opinion.

I try to review everything I read, although I have a policy not to review anything that I feel to be below a 3 star rating, as I truly believe that even though it may not be to my taste, every book has its audience.

I accept books formatted for Audio, Kindle (.mobi), or PDF plus I accept ARC and Beta copies. Reviews will be posted here on my blog, on Bookbub, Amazon and GoodReads.

Genres I Read

Fiction, Action & Adventure, Dark Romance, Erotica, Fantasy, Military Romance, Mystery, Paranormal, Romance, Western Romance

Genres I Will Not Read

Non-fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Dystopian, Historical Fiction, Horror, LGBTQ+, Science Fiction, Women’s Fiction, YA

What Should You Include In Your Review Request To Make It Easier For Both Of Us

– the summary
– the release date
– any relevant information
– if you have a time frame for when you expect the review to be posted, please let me know that as that will greatly influence my decision and I will have to see if we can commit to that timeline

What Happens If I Accept Your Book For Review?

If the book is an ARC, I will try and publish the review on or around the release date.

If it’s an already published book, I will try and publish the review within 14 days of receiving the request.

What happens if I didn’t enjoy your book?

As stated above, I have a policy not to review anything that I feel to be below a 3 star rating. If this happens, I will email you and let you know why I can’t review your book.

My rating system is roughly as follows:

5 Stars

Highly recommended. A book that I loved reading and found hard to put down. The writing style and/or characters set it apart. A book to be read over and over.

4 Stars

I loved the book and had a great time reading it. Easily recommended to others. An author/series I’m interested in following.

3 Stars

I liked the book and overall enjoyed reading it. Would probably recommend to readers who enjoy the same genre and/or author.

In addition to reviews, what else are you open to?

– giveaways

– blog tours

– exclusive cover reveals