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E is for Everett: A Secret Baby Mountain Man Romance (Men of ALPHAbet Mountain) by Natasha L. Black


She blew into town like a tornado
Stirring up everything I wanted to stay the same.

Helen drives me nuts
Infuriating, icy, sexy.
I can’t go a day without running into her.

One kiss burns too hot to ignore.
Now I hate to leave her bed.
It feels like more than a one-night stand.
I want it all, all of her.

Just when it’s perfect,
She ghosts me.
Something’s wrong, and she won’t say.

I thought she was running scared
But she turned up with a box of donuts
A secret I wasn’t expecting to hear.
It could tear us apart,
Or make sure we last forever. [Amazon]

My Review:

I had never really been the boyfriend type. I figured that I was only ever going to be a boyfriend once. Then I’d be a husband once. I’d find my partner and that would be that. I knew I tended to be a little aloof, a little cold to men in general, especially ones I didn’t know already and respect. But I was trying to change that. There seemed to be an immediate attraction between us. But I wasn’t planning on staying.

Everett was looking for someone to be his assistant and on-site manager. He was part owner of a logging company along with his best friends, Carter and Deacon. Having lunch at Dina’s Diner was a tradition for our company. Today though, there was someone new. A beautiful someone who had a lot of tattoos. I couldn’t stop staring at her.

Helen had received a call from her parents. Her dad was sick and they wanted her to come home. They needed me to run Dina’s Diner, her mom’s Diner. Her sister had messed things up. It seemed though she still had some loyal customers. There were these three mountain men who came in regularly. Everett was his name. He was cool and smooth, a little dangerous, and sexy as hell.

Release Date: March 25, 2022

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Breaking Promises (Delta Force Strong Book 9) by Elle James


Delta Force Operative Asher Gray otherwise known as “Smoke” is on temporary assignment to the US Embassy in Jerusalem. Never one to get involved too deeply with the opposite sex, he finds he can’t keep his eyes or hands off the ambassador’s niece who happens to be the man’s bodyguard.

Danica “Danny” Turner learned her fighting skills in the Army and then in the MMA arena. When she’d had enough of beating her opponent’s heads in, her family convinced her to be her uncle, the US ambassador to Israel’s bodyguard, only to find a Delta playing double duty to her assignment. Though she’s hot about having a backup, she can’t help falling for the annoying man.

When all hell breaks loose at a formal function, Danny is taken hostage. Smoke and his team of Deltas must find Danny and rescue her before her captor kills her. Smoke will stop at nothing to save Danny and to confess how he feels about her. [Amazon]

My Review:

One of the Army’s motos is No Man Left Behind. And they weren’t going to start now. The man was nicknamed right. Where there was smoke, there was fire. This story is action-packed and fast-paced. There is a twist in the story you won’t see coming. After a rough start, their romance blossoms with amazing chemistry. A must-read story.

“Smoke” and his team were on a mission in Gaza. “They continued through the streets, avoiding any other humans at all costs. They weren’t supposed to be behind the enemy lines. The US Delta Force operatives weren’t supposed to get involved with the ongoing war between the Palestinians and the Israelis.” But someone was launching rockets and they had to be stopped.

Danica aka Danny was visiting her uncle who was the US Ambassador to Israel. He had received several death threats and she would be his bodyguard. She is a former MMA fighter and a former soldier. After several weeks, her uncle advised her that they were getting a team of Delta Force Operatives at the embassy. “She wasn’t sure she’d like having Army men running around the halls and grounds of the embassy. Her time in the Army hadn’t been the best.” All that changed when she met “Smoke.”

Release Date: March 29, 2022

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Secret (Club Exposure Book 3) by Ivy Nelson


Adara Kent had big dreams. Big dreams that brought her to Washington D.C. Too bad, she’s been burdened with a deadly secret that keeps her from following those dreams. That’s how she wound up as an assistant to a senator instead of running for office herself. But her friends at Club Exposure have convinced her she can have more. Then the past comes back to haunt her, threatening to reveal her secret.

Michael Silas is on track to be the next chief of police someday. He’s falling in love with a beautiful woman with big ambitions. But something isn’t right. She’s hiding something from him and before he can fully give her his heart, he needs to know what it is. He’s not expecting to find a secret so dangerous it could get them both killed.

And if it doesn’t kill them, it may tear them apart forever. [Amazon]

My Review:

The Ethics of BDSM is safe, sane, and consensual. This is a well-written erotic romance. He lives the lifestyle. She doesn’t know anything about his lifestyle. They have amazing chemistry but his lifestyle may be too much for her to handle.

Adara had spent most of her life in the Witness Protection program. She decided to leave the program to go to college, which was over a decade ago. Now she’s going to run for an at-large D.C. Council position. Boy has things changed in her life. Including dating a cop who had a kinky side. Recently, she had started receiving off-the-wall texts from an unknown number.

Michael had just been promoted to Chief of Special Investigations. He has been seeing Adara for a few weeks. Things are starting to look up. Until she ran out of the club. She refused to talk to him. He had gone to her house to talk to her and found a note she had left him. The note said she was leaving and not to come after her. So this was it, they were through. Then he received a call from her that said she needed him. WTH is going on.

Release Date: March 22, 2022

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

SEAL’s Pretend Girlfriend (Ward Investigation: Book 1) by Leslie North


Former Navy SEAL Neal Ward swore he’d never have anything to do with his father’s private investigation agency. But when he dies under suspicious circumstances, captivating PI Lori Hart drags Neal into the investigation. He agrees to protect her, but it won’t be easy concentrating on the case when Lori herself is so irresistible.

To catch the culprit, they’re forced to fake a relationship, but Lori’s starting to question her insistence they remain platonic. Touching each other and acting in love is driving her crazy—especially since Neal’s so good at switching off their relationship in private. Doesn’t he feel anything for her?

If only he’d let her in and forget the past, Neal would realize what a great team they’d make… [Amazon]

My Review:

A good suspenseful romance with a twist. Faking a relationship is tougher than she thought. Keeping his hands off her was tougher than he thought. The connection between them is electric. They are both headstrong and stubborn. So can they work together without killing each other?

Neal Ward, a former Navy SEAL never wanted to work at his father’s PI agency. That agency had ruined his family. Now he’s back in town for his dads funeral. Lori approached him at the funeral and dropped a bomb on him. “I think your father was murdered.” Now he has to do the one thing he said he would never do, investigate his father’s murder.

Lori Hart was Gary Ward’s administrative assistant at his PI agency had worked for him for three years. She had just received her PI license with his help. Now her boss was dead and she just received a death threat. She turned to the only one she could trust, Gary’s son Neal. She thought they made a good team. If only Neal would realize what a great team they’d make…in life and love.

Release Date: Mrch 24, 2022

My Rating : ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cowboy Ely (Cooper’s Hawke Landing Book 7) by Rhonda Lee Carver


Trying to escape a bad relationship, and desperate to find a safe place for her daughter, Megan Nash returns to Cooper’s Hawk. Down-on-her-luck, she has no other choice but to ask her estranged father-in-law for help. He still blames her for the accident that killed his son, but learning that he has a granddaughter, he offers them a roof over their heads…just until Megan can get back on her feet. Yet, being civil isn’t part of the bargain.

Her patience will be tested.

Ely Dutton has physically healed from a mortar blast that left him injured and scarred, but he’s still on the mend mentally. Realizing hiding away in an isolated cabin on a mountain isn’t helping, he decided to go back to his childhood home. He accepts the position as Sheriff, because a man has to live. He likes things simple, so when an old connection is sparked with Megan, he attempts to ignore his attraction.

A relationship, especially with a single mother, isn’t part of his five-year plan.

Further complicating what should have been an easy job as Sheriff, he must shed light on a mysterious death that is connected to Megan. As new clues are exposed, so are the secret layers of her past.
In a quest to navigate their new lives and old demons, Megan and Ely will learn to trust, love with all their hearts, and let go of hurtful ties. [Amazon]

My Review:

“To really move forward, sometimes it takes going back to the very beginning.” “It seemed a bit cliché…the sister’s best friend crushing on the older brother, but there was no denying, once upon a time she’d been madly in lust with him.” Chemistry sizzles between them from the beginning. A second chance at happiness. A second chance at life.

Ely was staying with his sister temporarily. He also had a new job as the Sheriff. He had retired from Special Forces two years ago. He still suffered from PTSD, but it was getting better. Then Megan returned to town and turned his world upside down.

Megan had returned to Copper’s Hawke with her daughter. She had left over ten years ago when a tragic accident took her husband. Now she has to ask for help from the one man that hates her, her father-in-law. He gives them a place to stay temporarily. Then she runs into her high school crush.

Release Date: March 22, 2022

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Goldie and Her Bears: A Reverse Harem Shifter Fairytale Retelling (Dirty Paranormal Fairytale Haremland Book 3) by Lisa Cullen


With my sister on an adventure of her own, I decided to leave my Seattle home to find my family’s cabin.
I got lost, frozen from the rain, and stumbled into the first shelter I could find… but I wasn’t alone.

Three fiercely hot men with a life-altering secret lived here. And all of them wanted a piece of me.

Tensions among the men rise when I’m forced to stay with them while my leg heals after being caught in a bear trap. The pressure becomes too much for the tiny cabin, and the house’s number one rule is broken.

That life-altering secret wasn’t so much of a secret anymore, and my whole world has been flipped upside down.
When my leg heals, I’ll be gone.

The only problem is… with the way the men ravish me, do I really want to leave? [Amazon]

My Review:

A well-written shifter romance. A remake of Goldie Locks and The Three Bears. Only these bears are shifters. Kai was seconds from shifting and breaking his number one rule. No shifting in front of a human.

Cassie decided to leave her Seattle home to find her family’s cabin. I got lost, was frozen from the rain, and stumbled into the first shelter I could find. I must of fell asleep because the next thing I know, I’m startled awake by an angry voice. I tried to apologize and explain why I was there but he wouldn’t listen. Then two more men entered the room. I recognized the last man. What was he doing here?

Jasper, Kai and Chase were roommates. They were out hunting and decided to head home before the storm hit. When Kai entered the cabin, he knew someone was inside. Searching the cabin, he finds a woman sleeping in his bed. When the other two approach the cabin, they hear growling and an angry voice. Running inside, Jasper stops dead in his tracks. What is she doing here?

Release Date: March 12, 2022

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Protected: an enemies to lovers dark romance (Club Exposure Book 2) by Ivy Nelson


Sometimes love is messier than politics.
It’s worse when the two get tangled. 

Darci Sanders has spent her career fighting injustice. That fight includes keeping the wrong man out of the White House. It’s exhausting work and sometimes she likes to let loose at her favorite spot, Club Exposure. That’s where she met him. The sexy soldier who turned her world upside down… then disappeared.

Former soldier turned campaign manager, Bradley Givens just wants to see his candidate win the election. While blowing off some steam at Club Exposure he meets a sexy and mysterious stranger he can’t stop thinking about. But she’s a distraction he doesn’t need so he doesn’t go back.

When they meet again, Darci and Bradley realize their true identities – rivals on either side of the election. Can they trust each other? When danger and Darci’s past come from out of nowhere, they may not have a choice and Darci will learn that Bradley will go to any extent necessary to protect her. [Amazon]

My Review:

A good erotic romance with a lot of suspense. “Do you ever think we can be friends?” He works for the Senator she despises. She works for the ACSL. Bradley pleaded with her. Give me one night. Let me take you home. She blew out a long breath. “One night. At my apartment.”

Bradley just had to get to know her. He has been in and out of the lifestyle for awhile, but has never felt an instant attraction like this before. Then works seem to get in his way. He works for Senator Sean Atleigh, as his chief of staff. The Senator is getting ready to announce his run for the presidency.

Darci felt an intense pull that she couldn’t ignore from the moment she met him at Club Exposure. They exchanged numbers and after a month of no contact, she finally gave up. Darci has a lifestyle blog and works for the ACSL. She has been trying to set up a meeting with Senator Atleigh, for a while now to no avail. After discovering who Bradley worked for, there should have been no attraction left, but there was.

Release Date: March 3, 2022

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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