Here is my review of Fighting for Esme by Jen Talty.


Family isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be—but some bonds are worth fighting for.

Troy Falco fought for his country, and he fought to bring his family—his brothers—together at Paradise Ranch. Now he has a new fight as acting Fire Chief for the Fool’s Gold Fire Department and an Agent of the Colorado Brotherhood Protectors. His first assignment is to help Esme Jade investigate the fire that took the life of his predecessor and her father. There is nothing simple about the case, and the more they dig, the more it becomes apparent Esme could be next. Troy will do whatever it takes—because his job requires it—but his heart demands it.

Esme Jade knew without a doubt the fire that claimed her father’s life was no accident. But proving that fact wouldn’t be easy. Determined to leave no stone unturned, she’s willing to examine every lead—even one that takes her down memory lane. She’ll do whatever it takes, even if it means unlocking pieces of her past. But what she’s not prepared for is finding the kind of lasting love her father always told her was waiting for her in the right man. [Amazon]

My Review of Fighting for Esme:

The Brotherhood Protector series just gets better and better. It’s amazing how different authors can come together and create this amazing world. A world with alpha men and the feisty woman who loves them. “As a child, his family hadn’t been what he needed or wanted. But now, he’d found the kind of family and home he’d been searching for his entire life”.

Esme is a fire and arson investigator. She has worn many different hats but was meant to be an investigator. This will be the toughest job yet. Investigating a fire that killed her dad. Now on top of everything else, she has to work with the arrogant, new fire chief.

Troy and his four brothers are firefighters. They just got hired by The Brotherhood Protectors and have their first job. Lending help at a fire station that has just lost some firefighters. When he meets the fire investigator, he knows he’s in big trouble.

My Rating:

Release Date: February 21, 2023

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