Review of L is for Landon by Natasha L Black

Here is my review of L is for Landon by Natasha L Black.


Landon could be the story that makes my career,
Or he could be the man who breaks my heart.

Interview the famous writer living like a recluse in my hometown,
Kickstart my dream career, crush my goals, live happily ever after—that’s the plan.
A fiery one-night stand with the writer whose scars are more than just physical,
Was not what I had on my agenda.

He’s been in hiding since the wreck that nearly killed him,
Struggling to write his next story.
I have to find a way to get him to open up,
Or I’ll never get the piece I need to start my new career.

I finally get him to trust me,
But now we’re getting too close.
And I have to decide what I want more,
The story, or the man? [Amazon]

My review of L is for Landon:

A great romance that will warm your heart. It is well-written with lovable characters. Sparks fly between them when they meet. But will that be enough?

Landon has been a hermit for the last ten years. Still healing from a horrible accident, he moves to a small town hoping his creativity will return. He is captivated by Tara. He’s under the impression that she is an author. What will happen when he learns she’s a reporter?

Tara hates her job. After she gets fired, she heads home to way her options. She has always dreamed of being a famous reporter. Maybe her mom was right, writing a story about Landon could put her on the right path. “She wondered if she could get to know him and convince him to give her an exclusive interview”.

My Rating:

Release Date: February 3, 2023

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