All her life, no one has really seen her. She was past from foster home to foster home. Now the one time she wants to be invisible, all eyes are on her. This is a thriller romance and will grab you in from the beginning. The characters have a strong attraction and mutual respect for each other.

“Lefty” and his team were in Paris on a “babysitting” mission. He knew Kinley would be there and wanted to know why she’d so coldly ghosted him when he’d thought they were actually friends. When he finally sees her, she ignores him. So he solicits the other team members to help get her alone so they can talk. They spend the day touring Paris and agree to stay in touch. Months go by with no correspondence, so he’s surprised when she shows up in town.

Kinley thought she’d never see him again. She remembered the first time she seen him in Africa, standing against a wall, his eyes constantly roaming the room, looking for danger. Now his eyes were on her. She knows she should talk to him, but it’s been to long. Somehow he arranges for them to spend the day together touring the city. They part ways agreeing to keep in touch. Now her life’s in danger and she turns to the one man that can help her.

Release Date: August 25, 2020

My Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

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