As a child, Kostya (Konstantin) Barona barely escaped Russia with his life when his father was dragged off by the secret police and he watched his mother brutally murdered. Now that he leads a Navy SEAL team, his whole life is based around rescuing those in need.

Lark Sorensen is an investigative journalist. There had never been an injustice that she didn’t want to scrutinize and throw a spotlight on so the world would know about the atrocities going on around them.

Months ago, Kostya and Lark worked together in Afghanistan to help save a mother and her two little girls, and now they’re meeting up again to do the same thing. But the fiery sparks everyone expected to fly seem to have sputtered out. But little do the couple know the passion that lies underneath.

Now as lives are on the line, can these two work together to get everyone out alive? Or will the injustices of the world finally drag them under? [Amazon]

My Review:

This story is full of action, adventure, and is very romantic. He had a theory. “That friends make a great foundation for something more than just friends.” She hated owning up to any kind of weakness. Life had taught her that strong men like him could take advantage. Maybe I have it all wrong.

Kostya is from Russia. He came to America with his little sister. Now he’s a Navy SEAL. He was currently sitting in a hotel waiting for Riya, the wife of a SEAL, to get an award. “Then his eyes caught hers in the mirror and his lip twitched. He raised his glass slightly as if in salute before taking a swallow.” He had met Lark in Afghanistan. What was she doing here?

Lark is an investigative journalist. Her informant was missing and she’s worried. She was currently at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco to see Riya get an award. When she walked in, there he was sitting at her table. She had met Kostya and his team in Afghanistan. But what was he doing here?

Release Date: May 27, 2022

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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