Here is my review of Reckless Wolf’s Dangerous Liaison by Amelia Wilson

Here is my review of Reckless Wolf’s Dangerous Liaison by Amelia Wilson.


She never wanted this.
But the man is relentless.
He thinks he owns her.
She needs protection.
Even this sexy fireman can’t save her.
But he won’t give her up, either!

He was glad to rescue the lovely girl.
And there’s fire there between them.
She’s afraid.
Someone has her terrified.
This shifter wants her and he won’t let anyone hurt her.
Or get between them.

Can Fort save Carmella from a psychopath who’s already claimed her? Even if he can, what will she do when she finds out he’s just as much wolf as a man? [Amazon]

My review:

A short shifter romance with plenty of heat. “Of all shifters, wolves are the ones least able to control themselves when it comes time to shift.”

Carmella is co-owner of a successful import company with her best friends. So why does she feel blah, like she is only existing not living?Maybe it has something to do with her ex-boyfriend threatening her. And then she met Fort who changed her life.

Fort is a firefighter, he is also a wolf shifter. He heads to the lakeside bar after a long, grueling shift. “The girl sitting at the bar is the most beautiful creature he’s ever seen.” He offers to buy her a drink. She is exactly what he was looking for.

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Release Date: August 25, 2022

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