My review of Saving Amanda by Elle James

Here is my review of Saving Amanda by Elle James.


For Ex-Navy SEAL, Carter Manning, nothing worthwhile is easy. Having lost the people he loved, he dedicates his life to the hard stuff to keep from looking back. The future is strictly about the next mission, not settling down or raising a family.

When a rash of suicides plagues the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, teen counselor Amanda Small calls on the Brotherhood Protectors to help investigate what she suspects are murders.
Manning and Small team up to investigate, discovering an attraction neither expected nor wanted. As they close in on the truth, they become targets and must decide whether their love and their lives are more important than stopping the next “suicide.” [Amazon]

My review:

A suspenseful romance with a little action and a lot of chemistry between the characters. Carter had been hired to help keep her safe and find the murderer.

Amanda had recently returned to the reservation in Wyoming to work with the teens. Her foster dad is the Chief of Tribal Police. There have been three teens die in the last few weeks. All of them deemed suicide. Amanda doesn’t believe it was suicide and wants some help to investigate. “Or at least a second set of eyes watching what’s happening.”

Carter is a former Navy SEAL who is now employed with Brotherhood Protectors. While he’s waiting for an assignment, he’s trying to break in Diablo, “a stubborn, ornery horse who threw every rider who attempted to mount and ride him out of the corral.” But Carter was even more stubborn and very determined for the animal to become a good riding horse. But he’s about to get his first assignment and Diablo will have to wait.

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Release Date: August 30, 2022

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