Em Petrova’s Shielded by the Cowboy (WEST Protection Book 9)


Shielding her will be easier than ignoring their overwhelming attraction…

Being man meat on the Bachelors for Charity auction block was not on bodyguard Caleb McCoy’s agenda. Neither was falling head-over-heels into lust with the stunning brunette who bid the highest for his time. But since he already did both, the least he can do now is protect her from the danger she’s landed in, right?

CEO Genessa Turner is in trouble—the kind that involves cement shoes. With the mafia hot on her heels, she knows she needs help. Ex-cop McCoy is perfect for the job. The fact that he’s a sexy as hell, dominant cowboy who kisses like no other is just an unexpected—and entirely welcome—bonus.

With time running out and everything on the line, are McCoy and Genessa headed for happily ever after…or the exact opposite? [Amazon]

My Review:

A good romantic suspense with lots of heat. “He hoped to God that this all went according to plan. Now that he’d found the one, he couldn’t lose her.”

Caleb couldn’t believe he was doing this. “Being man meat on the Bachelors for Charity auction block was not on his agenda.” His friend owed him big time.

Genessa couldn’t believe she was doing this. She’s in trouble with the mafia and needs help. So here she is at the Bachelors for Charity auction about to purchase a cop. She needed Trooper Lexis’s assistance. Hopefully, he won’t turn her down.

Release Date: September 19, 2022

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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