J is for Jason

Here is my review of J is for Jason by Natasha L Black.


Jason is sweet and sexy…and works for the logging company that wants to buy my land.
I can’t tell if he’s really into me…

Or if he’s just doing his boss’ bidding.

He offers to help when I decide I want to get the farm going again.
I really want to trust him, but my track record in relationships leaves much to be desired.
The only place I’m not totally overwhelmed is in his arms,
A misunderstanding threatens the happiness I’ve found with Jason,
But his persistence turns the tide.

Now with the help of him and many new friends,
My dream is about to become a reality. [Amazon]

My Review

A good romantic story. Family comes in all shapes and sizes. “To family,” Carter said. “The ones you are born with and the ones you choose.”

Beth Ann’s aunt had passed away and left her a farm. What did she know about running a farm? So she packs and gets in her car to go to Tennessee to see the farm. After stopping for gas, her car wouldn’t start and that’s when she met Jason. And the sparks flew. He offered to follow her home in case she broke down again. Was he for real?

Jason decided to go work for his cousin after his girlfriend left him. He was ready to start a new life. So he packed up everything he owned and hit the road. After stopping for gas, he noticed a beautiful woman having car trouble. After helping her get the car started, he offered to follow her home in case she broke down again. There was an instant attraction between them.

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Release Date: October 24, 2022

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