My review of All I Want for Christmas by A.J. Wynter

Here is my review of All I Want for Christmas by A.J Wynter


When an avalanche closes the road, Henri finds herself trapped without a place to stay – in her worst nightmare – a small town at Christmas.

They call me the Girl Grinch. And I like it.

Covering a small town Christmas movie for my newspaper is the worst assignment I’ve ever been given. My grumpy editor has to be punishing me; because the only thing I hate more than Christmas – is small towns. Luckily, he is letting me put my own spin on the story and I am going to expose that the movies have got it all wrong.

I am going to show the world that sexy mountain men, quaint cupcake shops, and Christmas miracles aren’t a thing.

If flannel shirts, frosty mountain men, and steamy sauna scenes are your jam, you will love All I Want for Christmas. [Amazon]

My review:

A great romance with relatable characters and off-the-chart chemistry. “I wondered, could this assignment be cursed? It was as though Chance Rapids wanted me to be as miserable as possible and trap me in the state.” “I’d been involved with a writer before, and it had cost me everything. No. The best way to avoid trouble was to avoid trouble.”

Henri hated Christmas. She is a journalist at the Platypus. Her boss was sending her to a small town to cover the filming of a movie, a Christmas movie. Henri has had nothing but trouble since she arrived in Chance Rapids. First, there was no one at the lodge she was supposed to stay at. Second, she ran her rental car over a curb and now it won’t run.

Jack had recently moved back to Chance Rapids. He and his brothers were buying the rundown ski resort. He was staying in a cabin behind his parents house. I had just feel asleep when someone starting pounding on the door. My father shook his head. “Your mother has lost her mind,” he grumbled. “Your mom has brought home a stray. You’re going to have to sleep in the main house for the weekend.”

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Release Date: December 13, 2022

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