Review of Damaged Wolf by Jean Stokes

Here is my review of Damaged Wolf by Jean Stokes.


Michelle is determined to live a normal life, even if that life refuses to let her. Stunning and confident, she is taken by surprise when Darius drops to one knee and asks to marry her. It is the beginning of a string of events leaving them both rocked.

Ben is the epitome of power. Yet when he sets his gaze upon Michelle his dark side is awakened. There is a hunger buried deep within. One he has no choice but to act upon. Seeing his opportunity, Ben strikes.

Darius loves Michelle, but when she suddenly disappears his world is thrown into disarray. Desperate to find her, Darius must become the one thing he has kept hidden from the world. He sets out to rescue the woman he loves and prays he doesn’t succumb to the power of the werewolf in his blood.

Worlds are set to collide in this all-new ‘enemies to lovers’ steamy paranormal wolf shifter romance. [Amazon]

My Review:

I liked this steamy paranormal romance. The characters had amazing chemistry although they fought it. It seems that the one you love the most is the one who hurts you the most. “Be careful going into the night, for there are monsters where you least expect them”.

Darius was now the Alpha of their clan. It was his job to protect them from humans. Shortly after the earthquake, he got a very uneasy feeling. Something was wrong. He began running and then shifted. He came upon a human female whose car was stuck between two trees. He didn’t trust humans. But he had to save her life.

Michelle had been driving for hours. She was sent to the middle of nowhere to get a guy to sell some of his land. “She was on this journey because she was trying to fix things, or her Grandma would lose her house. After the earthquake, “the last thing she remembered before her vision faded to black was the taste of her blood and being lifted out of her car by an angel”.

My Rating:

Release Date: January 3, 2023

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