Review of Magnus: Shadow Recon by Dake Mayer

Here is my review of Magnus: Shadow Recon by Dale Mayer.


Magnus arrives in the Artic for severe-weather training, overseen by an international joint task force, but run by military brass. With multiple countries involved and multiple divisions of the military, it’s a wide-open mix of potential trouble. And trouble is what he’s here to find. Not to create. However, after meeting the one and only doctor on-site, a female member of the British team, Magnus knows that she needs his help to keep her safe. Yet she can’t be his main interest, not when something is seriously wrong at the compound. Too bad his heart wasn’t listening …

Dr. Sydney Jenkins had been a last-minute replacement for the doctor scheduled to be here. She’d been delighted for the new experience, until she arrived to find all hell breaking loose. Men missing, accidents that shouldn’t be happening, and her medical clinic being targeted. Not sure who to trust, she’s inclined to accept Magnus’s protective presence, but … she’d been wrong before.

Making a mistake under these conditions would be fatal—for both of them … [Amazon]


What a great start to a new series. A well-written story with interesting characters. It is full of mystery, suspense and murder. When men start disappearing, it’s time to call in The Mavericks. But a series of blizzards make it impossible to search for the missing men.

Magnus is sent to the Arctic training camp to investigate the disappearance of two men. But the weather has put a stop to everything. When the doctor gets assaulted, he assigns himself to keep her safe. Magnus has taken a liking to Sydney. Will he be able to protect her from the unknown?

Sydney is the British doctor at the training camp. She volunteered to go, but it seems she has bitten off more than she can handle. First, her clinic is broken into and then she is kidnapped. Magnus feels responsible and refuses to leave her side. She reluctantly accepts his help. Now if they can unravel the mystery, they can both go back to their lives.

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Release Date: February 7, 2023

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