Her Savage Defender by SR Jones

Here is my review of Her Savage Defender by SR Jones.


No one can watch over her the way I can.

I don’t take orders—I give them, so when I’m asked to guard a woman who likes to be in control, we clash from day one.
She’s abrasive and yet compelling, and what starts as a mild attraction, explodes quickly into an inferno I should put out.
Instead of pouring water on it, though, I pour gasoline on the fire of our desire and let the flames consume us.
Someone wants to hurt her, and they should know—I’m a bringer of destruction.
No one will harm this woman. She’s now mine to defend.

They call him Reaperman.
A military hero who protects those under his care with savage intent.
When my father received threats against me, he hired the best.
Tall, inked, and full of swagger, he’s normally the kind of guy I hate on sight. From the start, he’s too much, yet as we grow closer, he’s never enough.
This man soon develops into an addiction for me.
The danger, though, isn’t only on the outside; it’s inside too, and I need to deal with it, or I’ll ruin us before we even begin. [Amazon]

My Review:

“There’s a painting in the national gallery by Caravaggio, and whenever I visit it draws me in, rendering me unable to look away for the longest time. It’s a mix of beauty and threat. The darkness of it is seductive in a way it shouldn’t be.”

Carolina’s father has hired her a bodyguard. “Her security detail will begin immediately. This huge man is going to be in my space twenty-four-seven. The dark energy he carries with him will fill my home, my safe place.” The panic I’ve been feeling all week builds inside, threatening to burst out.

Samuel was hired by Lord Henningborne to keep his daughter safe. Although the threat is towards him, they have mentioned his daughter, probably to scare him. Her father mentioned how headstrong and demanding she can be. “The sense of entitled superiority she shows at times really grinds my gears.” She is fascinating, though.

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Release Date: October 27, 2022

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