Review of Fool’s Folly, Brotherhood Protectors Colorado Book 9

Here is my review of Fool’s Folly by Elle James.


Delta Force Operative Levi Franks retires from the Army and joins the Brotherhood Protectors. Having lost the love of his life, he’s seen the best and worst of humanity and has no interest in love, marriage or a family. He wants to use the skills he’s honed to combat evil.

After a messy divorce, Mattie McIntyre, rebuilt her life from nothing to something. As the owner of Mattie’s Diner in Fool’s Gold, Colorado, she chooses kindness and empathy. Her kindness pays off when she inherits the Fool’s Folly Mine from a customer at her diner. Unbeknownst to Mattie, the mine comes with a curse. She doesn’t believe in curses or bad luck. But she might need help from the Brotherhood Protectors to claim her inheritance and live to appreciate it.

Levi accepts the mission to protect Mattie and uncover the source of the troubles that plague the mine. Together, they search for answers and find a love so strong it could breach the walls around their hearts, if the curse doesn’t trump all. [Amazon]

My Review:

A great story. Full of mystery and secrets. The town is known for the Fool’s Folly curse. Every owner for the last few years has died an untimely death when they inherited the mine. Now it’s been left to Mattie. She doesn’t believe in curses. She is sure that someone is behind all the deaths. And Levi is going to help to solve the mystery.

Mattie owned the diner in town. Levi came in every day for pie and coffee. He rarely spoke to anyone. “As he was leaving one day, when he stepped past her, his shoulder brushed against hers. In his wake, Mattie’s heart pounded, butterflies swarmed in her belly and her shoulder tingled where he’d rubbed against it. For a moment, she felt strangely lightheaded.”

Levi is a former Delta Force Operative. He is the newest member of the Brotherhood Protectors. Single since he’d lost his wife, he had no one to answer to, or tie him down. So why did he go to the diner everyday? “As she passed him, her shoulder brushed against his, sending a shock of electricity racing through him. He’d always had a soft spot for redheads. But this was different. The surge of desire was instant and incredibly strong.”

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Release Date: October 31, 2022

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