Review of High Class by Ivy Nelson

Here is my review of High Class by Ivy Nelson.


I was called home to New York by the boss of the Bowden crime family to answer for the death of my cousin.

There, I meet Zara, a raven haired beauty with a killer smile. Imagine my surprise when I discover she’s a high-priced escort sent to be a distraction.

Now the mayor of New York City is dead and my family is being blamed.

I’m forced to take this woman back to Las Vegas to find out what she knows before the police try to pin it all on me.

My gut says Zara is innocent in all of this.

Or maybe that’s what I want it to say because she’s under my skin and I want her under me.

Either way, I’m going to keep her close until I know for sure.

She might be innocent, or she might bring more trouble to Las Vegas than the Sin City Suits can handle. [Amazon]

My Review:

I love this series. I can’t wait for the next book. “When our hands connect, something jolts through both of us. Like static electricity, but stronger. She jerks her hand away and stares at it.”

Luke is a member of the Bowden crime family. He moved to Vegas to get away from his father. Now, he’s back in New York at his father’s request. They’re on their way to the grand opening of the newest nightclub. He’s ready to leave the minute they walk in. But I can’t leave until my father says I can.

Zara is an escort. She is attending the grand opening for the new nightclub with Luke’s cousin, Oliver. “Oliver was so kind to invite me to the grand opening. I’m looking forward to tonight.” Then chaos breaks out, and someone screams as the music dies and the lights come up. The next thing I know, he’s scooping me into his arms and running toward the exit. What have I gotten myself into?

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Release Date: November 7, 2022

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