My review of It’s Always Been You by Jacob Parker

Here is my review of It’s Always Been You by Jacob Parker


Love is quickly becoming my least favorite four-letter word.

I let a girl into my heart once, and she nearly destroyed me.

The last time I saw her she was in the back seat of her father’s car, leaving me forever.

No goodbye.

No mercy.

That was ten years ago.

Now the sexy vixen from my past is back in town looking to hire a consultant.

This is my way back in.

But not for redemption or a second chance.

For sticky-sweet vengeance.

Her business is the most important thing to her, and I can vengeance—or waste her time trying.

If she doesn’t take me down first with curves that make me pace the floor at night.

But everything changes when I meet him.

Her ten-year-old son.

I believe in coincidences, but this is too much.

He has my eyes and my middle name, but she swears I’m not the father.

Trusting her means dropping walls I’ve spent a decade building trying to keep her out.

Unfortunately for me?

It’s always been her. [Amazon]

My Review:

This is a true romance. A second chance at love and happiness. High school sweethearts who were torn apart. “Our love story might have some hiccups and road bumps within its future pages, but the worst was behind us.”

Daniel was content with his life. He owned his own consulting company. His company had been slammed for the last month, so why was his brother showing him a job listing? As he looked at the computer, he was staring at the one woman he ever loved. What was she doing back in town?

Sandy was looking for a consultant to help her company. “Her company wasn’t in trouble exactly, but she had an opportunity to streamline things, make some changes, and get things aligned better with her values.” She has been interviewing for weeks, but nobody has sparked her interest. She hoped that changed today. She entered her office and his back was to her. When he turned around, she nearly fell over. What is he doing in my office?

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Release Date: October 26, 2022

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