My review of SEALs of Honor: Paxton by Dale Mayer

Here is my review of SEALs of Honor: Paxton by Dale Mayer.


Paxton, while trying to get clearance to return to work, calls his physio to ask why he’s refusing to sign off on his documents—only to hear gunfire through the phone, killing the man he was talking too. Racing to the scene, he finds the gunman still there, in anguish and in fury, telling Paxton a tale of blackmail and fraud, before killing himself.

Hearing the same phone conversation that Paxton made while in her office, Cherise races behind to make sure he’s okay, as the police move in. Standing together at the scene of the crime, however, puts them both in the target zone, as someone tries to keep the details of the blackmail a secret.

Trying to keep Cherise and himself safe, while unravelling the rot going on under the surface, Paxton realizes just how personal this case has become … [Amazon]

My Review:

This story is full of mystery. It has many twists and turns. Although Paxton seems to like Cherise, the feelings are not mutual at first. But soon the flirtatious chemistry between them sizzles.

Paxton is waiting to be released, so he can return to work. But it seems like his physical therapist doesn’t want him to return. So he calls to confront him and ends up hearing his murder over the phone. Paxton finds himself in the middle of a disability scam, with murder, suicide, and betrayal. He soon realizes just how personal this case has become.

Cherise works in the admin offices on the base. She was looking up Paxton’s paperwork when she heard gunshots over the phone. Now she was being drawn into the middle of a scam, thanks to Paxton. She didn’t know what the hell had compelled her to go after him. She barely even knew him. But she would help him figure this out.

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Release Date: October 25, 2022

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