Review of Code Name Cowboy by Heather Slade

Here is my review of Code Name Cowboy by Heather Slade


Code name: Garrison “Cowboy” Cassidy
Target: Winslow Greer 
Mission: Take the ski champion to new peaks.

Being quiet and reserved makes cracking cases and taking down enemies—one vile and malicious criminal at a time—easy for a stealthy agent like me. But when I meet Winslow, it requires every bit of my reserve to take it slow. I know once I give in to her tantalizing ways, it’s going to be one fast, slippery slope of passion and pleasure.

Death. The end. My final hurrah. At least that’s what I thought. But by some miracle, I escaped. Saving myself. That’s not enough, though. It’s not over. Peril is imminent, and I need help. Safety. Security. And there’s only one man I trust. But can I really put my life in the hands of a sexy cowboy in tight denims and a country drawl? [Amazon]

My Review:

A good romantic, suspenseful story. “There was an undeniable attraction between us, something neither of us could resist. And let me tell you, we both tried.” It ends on a cliffhanger which I’m not fond of but it’s a great story.

Winslow was an Olympic skier. She was kidnapped from the ski area on her way to a team meeting. She never thought she would be in this situation. “Reminders from my survival training played over in my head. Gain your captor’s trust was first and foremost.” She needed to find a way to escape.

Garrison worked for K19 Shadow Operations, a private intelligence security firm. They were investigating a serial killer, one who had kidnapped Wasp. Now an Olympic skier is missing and he fears the worst. As he stares at her picture, he can’t help but admire how beautiful she is. I won’t stop looking for you, he said when there was a knock on the door.

My Rating:

Release Date: July 28, 2022

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