Review of K is for Kieran by Natasha L Black

Here is my review of K is for Kieran by Natasha L Black.


The sexy new firefighter with a body made for sin,
Is about to turn up the heat in this sleepy little mountain town!

My dream’s on hold and I’m stuck waiting tables
When Kieran, the town’s new firefighter strolls in like a heat wave,
Tall, blonde, and ripped enough to sell all the calendars himself.

I’ve got a plan.
Winning the chili cook off will prove to Dad I’m good enough to cook at Sergio’s.
My competition? The sexy fireman.
He invites me over, and soon the heat in his kitchen has nothing to do with cooking.

Our good-natured rivalry becomes a sizzling fling,
The nights together are too hot to handle.
And soon, I find out I’m cooking way more than just chili,
The bun in my oven might just change everything! [Amazon]

My Review:

I love the men of Alphabet Mountain. It is well written keeping you engaged from start to finish. “We share something much deeper than two people who shared a love of cooking spicy things and had incredible sexual chemistry.”

Sofia works at her dad’s Italian restaurant with her sisters. She’s tired of just serving pizza and lasagne. “She wondered if there was something else in town she could do that didn’t involve serving pizzas”. She was a good cook but her dad would not let her cook at the restaurant. “Then the door opened, and a man walked in that stopped my brain from functioning. He was tall, muscular, and blonde, and his arms were covered in tattoos”.

Kieran just moved to Ashford as the new assistant fire chief. He is looking forward to meeting new friends. His neighbor stopped by to introduce himself and offer his help. Then Tony recommended Sergio’s for dinner. ”Sofia. That was her name. She was so stunning that my brain had short-circuited, and I was lucky to recall anything about the conversation besides her beauty. And her voice. Smokey, deep alto, and mysterious, she sounded like she had secrets that I wanted to learn.” I don’t remember driving home.

My Rating:

Release Date: January 13, 2023

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