Review of Whiskey Ryder’s Second Chance by Rhonda Lee Carver

Here is my review of Whiskey Ryder’s Second Chance by Rhonda Lee Carver.


A single father is looking for a nanny, but what he gets is an old flame.

Whiskey Ryder spends most of his time on the back of a horse on a mountain. Whether it’s on a search and rescue mission, or on the Ryde Hard Ranch working the land with his brothers. He’s all about being a cowboy…and a single father of a preteen who woke up one morning hating him. He’s been told it’s a normal phase for all kids, but he’s like a parenting fish out of water. He’s a millisecond away from chewing leather but his stunning first love comes back to town and, to his relief, has a way with his daughter…and his heart.

They are better together than whiskey and cola but claiming a second chance won’t be easy because someone sees her as a threat and wants her to leave town…dead or alive.

Codee Fields finds herself helping an old friend—old friend as in the cowboy who was her first love, first kiss, first everything. She’s had a couple of failed relationships, but Whiskey is “the one who got away”. Her priority is to solve the mystery of her sister’s death now that she knows the truth.

Whiskey will protect her at all costs, but will it be enough for a second chance at romance? Or will tragedy strike and everything he’s wanted disappear? [Amazon]

My Review:

OMG I loved this story. A great start to a new series. A second chance romance full of twists and turns. Smoking hot cowboys and the feisty women who love them. You won’t be able to put it down.

Whiskey is a former Navy SEAL. Whiskey and his brother are part of the Second Chance Search and Rescue team. They’re standing on the mountain trying to talk old man Caskel down. “They had about an hour of good light left until danger became insanity up on Snowbleed. “Newt had found himself in financial trouble after his wife passed away a few years back”. After coming to an agreement, they headed down the mountain. “Have you heard who’s back in town, his brother asked?” What the hell was Codee doing back in Second Chance?

Codee is working as a nurse. Things were going well for her. She stopped at the nurse’s station to pick up a package. “Tearing away the seal, she peeked inside then shook out the book—or rather, a vintage, leather-bound diary. She touched the smooth cover and her stomach dropped into her Crocs. Engraved in gold were the initials “PF”. “And now everything resurfaced with her sister’s lost diary—the one Codee had searched for in Paige’s things”.

My Rating:

Release Date: January 17, 2023

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