Review of Hop: Lighthouse Security by Maryann Jordan

Here is my review of Hop:Lighthouse Security by Maryann Jordan.


Easy to let go. He thought it was just a fun night to catch up with an old friend.

Spending days on rescue missions when his Tennessee hometown flooded, he was stunned to meet up with an old friend. But dinner, drinks, talking, and laughing turned into a night he’d definitely remember fondly. But they’d promised one night only. Especially since they were both returning to their lives the next day.

Hard to let go. He discovered she invaded his thoughts during the days and dreams at night.

But she’s got a secret. And when she needs rescuing while on another mission, he’s just the man to do it. Once reunited, he discovers it’s now impossible to let her go again. And that’s fine by him. Now to convince her that going their separate ways is the last thing they should do. [Amazon]

My Revew:

What an amazing second-chance romance. It is full of action and suspense with a few twists and turns. “The Keepers of Lighthouse Security Investigations West Coast enjoyed their downtime training, throwing in good-natured competition along the way”. But when duty called, they were ready to go. “They hired former military special operators and others who fit their specific requirements. Called Keepers to honor the old lighthouse keepers guiding others to safety, they worked in an elite environment and offered a specialized service”.

Hop is a former Air Force pilot. Getting hired by Lighthouse Security, was a great opportunity, he couldn’t ask for a better job. So he was reluctant to take time off to help his family and friends in Tennessee where flooding is putting many in danger. During a rescue, he runs into an old high school friend. He’s not prepared for the intense feelings his high school best friend stirs inside of him.

Lori is an OB/GYN doctor who volunteers with The Red Cross. She is sent to Tennessee to help out. It was strange being back in her hometown. After her parents passed away, there was nothing left for her there. Even her high best friend had left for college and never returned. After several days she was ready to go home. She would go by the cemetery before she left. Standing by her parents graves, someone called her name. “She stared in silence for a moment. Then recognition, mixed with incredulity, sparked in her eyes.” “Hop? Frank Hopkins?” She couldn’t believe her eyes. It was her high best friend.

My Rating:

Release Date: January 17, 2023

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