Review of Guarding Hannah by Delilah Devlin

, Blurb: Nate “The Edge” Edgerton prefers dogs to humans, like Pierce, the retired war dog who saved his life in Afghanistan, because he prizes loyalty above all else. He trusts his team and his dog but has learned to be cautious trusting women. After Pierce rushes to the rescue of a nature photographer beingContinue reading “Review of Guarding Hannah by Delilah Devlin”

Review of Guarding Harper by Desiree Holt

Blurb: Harper Young devoted every minute of her life to caring for her wolves at Yellowstone’s Wolf World. It wasn’t an easy task. Government entities wanted to impose their own rules, often at odds with each other. The rich ranchers wanted to forget the hunting rules and shoot the wolves any time they had theContinue reading “Review of Guarding Harper by Desiree Holt”

Review of Griffin by S M West

Blurb: After one electrifying kiss, I’ll risk everything to protect Cora Jennings. I don’t know why I care about her; she’s a stranger.But something in her striking green eyes draws me in.She’s caught in a web of secrets and lies.A ruthless killer hunts her.He’ll stop at nothing to have her.And neither will I. Together, onContinue reading “Review of Griffin by S M West”

Review of Alta Hensley’s Gold in Locks

Blurb: She trespassed into our world, innocent and vulnerable.She doesn’t belong here, but that won’t stop us from claiming her.We will lock her away in our mountain cabin, hidden deep in the forest.She’ll be compelled to obey and serve our darkest desires.Our beautiful golden-haired captive will learn to love the chains which bind her toContinue reading “Review of Alta Hensley’s Gold in Locks”